Our Story

Red Piggy Press PeacockAll right, Peacock. I will tell you a story. Once upon a time, a baby girl was born, and her mother’s best friend gave her a handmade red piggy. She adored her red piggy –

Wait. That’s going back way too far.

This little girl, let’s call her Shelly, loved to write and draw ladybugs in her Pybop and make books with wallpaper scraps.

Fast forward please.

She grew up and during college, got a job at a small printer, then an elementary school, a bookstore, and finally a children’s book publisher.

Too much information. Seriously.

In a skyscraper by the Pacific Ocean,  Shelly edited children’s books. The work made her laugh  … and cry. Making children’s books is not easy.

Why did she cry? What happened?

Ahem. So moving forward. With the new medium of the web booming, Shelly shifted her career sights to web publishing …

Seriously. What made her cry?

… where the opportunities to share information and tell stories using words and pictures knew no bounds!

And where does Red Piggy enter the picture?

Producing and directing online content was rewarding, but working with one brand and one topic at a time wasn’t enough. So Shelly started–

Red Piggy Press!

No, Pybop, a web content consultancy, named after her childhood journal.

OK, I’ve heard enough.

At Pybop, she began … fine. You are partially right, Peacock. She dreamed of Red Piggy Press in 2007, as a print-on-demand model (with stickers!), but shelved it due to high printing costs. Especially environmentally friendly printing costs. So she started Pybop.


At Pybop, she began researching and writing articles about content strategy for different mediums, such as–



And that’s it?

Actually, Shelly didn’t revive Red Piggy Press until her good friend and illustration colleague from her book publishing days emailed and wrote, “Hey, what about Red Piggy Press for iPad?”

Shelly hit her forehead with the heel of her hand, didn’t she.

Yes, yes, she did.

Red Piggy Press was founded by Shelly Bowen. She partnered up with Tracy Hopcus Jordan in 2011 to bring this thing to life. Because we’ve both been  running other businesses, Red Piggy is moving like a tortoise. But you know what they say about tortoises.

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