How to close kids apps and improve performance of your iPhone and iPadDo your iPad apps keep crashing? Is your iPhone really slow to respond? Are your favorite apps not doing what they’re supposed to? If you’re like me, you have lots of fancy apps (especially interactive kids’ apps) that do really cool things. But if you have too many open at the same time, the performance of your iPhone or iPad may suffer.

Here’s how to make your iPhone or iPad run more quickly and smoothly:

  1. Double press your Home button, the one that looks like a little indented belly button that the kids love to press.
  2. All of your open apps will slide up from the bottom of the screen. Slide them to the left to view all the apps that are open.
  3. Tap and hold the app you’d like to close. All of the open apps will start to wriggle. Tap the red circles to close them one by one. They won’t disappear from your device. They’ll just shut down.
  4. To close the slider at the bottom of the screen, press the bellybutton Home button once more.
  5. Then reopen the app that wasn’t working well for you. It should be fine now.

If that doesn’t work, try powering down your iPhone or iPad all together. To do that, press and hold down the button that’s along the outer edge of the device, next to the headphone jack (opposite side of the bellybutton). You’ll see a screen that says “slide to to power off.” To turn it back on, just press the button again.

Hope this is helpful! With all the high-res images and hidden interactions in our kids’ app storybook All Fixed Up, I know this helps improve the experience quite a bit.

Oh! And here’s how to make that cute stuffed owl that’s on my iPhone.


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One way to explore other cultures throughout history is by examining how they lived. In what kind of structure did they live and work? Many cultures have made their homes with mud brick. It’s easy to recreate an approximation of these homes or design your own (as we did) using small mud bricks. Here’s what we did.

Gather these things:

  • clay dirt
  • water
  • a base like a paper plate or cardboard
  • skinny sticks
  • straw or grass clippings
  • other embellishments, herbs, leaves, etc…

I found some nice clay dirt at the local dirt BMX bike ramps in my neighborhood. I just walked in with a large bucket and walked out with dirt. (Don’t worry, I didn’t make any potholes.)

Mix some small pieces of straw in with your mud. The straw helps hold everything together when the bricks are formed.

You can use ice cube trays with removable-able inserts, but I used a silicone mini-brownie pan as a mold for my bricks.

Fill a bowl with about 4 cups of dirt and 1/4 cup of straw (you can use dried grass clippings or little twigs). Add water until you get a nice mud, like thick pancake batter.

Spray your mold with non-stick spray. Pat the mud down into your mold or lightly tap it on a hard surface to compact it and remove any air bubbles.

Pop the mud into your oven at 350 for at least a half an hour. Honestly, I forgot about mine and left it in there for quite a while and it was fine. Just check it and when it’s dry, pull it out.

Pop the bricks out of the mold and play with them a little until you find a design you love. Then de-construct your house and thin your extra mud to make a mortar.

Lay the bricks like, well, bricks. I used a sturdy paper plate as a base. Add mortar to the sides and top and firmly press them together. I added some thin sticks between the walls and roof as support in mine. The kids did not.

Embellish your house with leaves, fresh herbs, or sticks!

When you’re finished, go place it in your garden. Maybe watch how long it lasts in the weather and continue the conversation about how you could improve your structure. Keep an eye on it to see who moves in … a fairy perhaps?

Photos by Wendy Kwasny, 2013.

About Wendy Kwasny, Contributing Blogger

Wendy Kwasny is a mom to two kids, a fine artist with 15+ years experience, and an advocate of attachment parenting, hands on learning, equality for all, arts and sciences in schools, organic gardening, and free play. Follow Wendy on Twitter @bendystar and all of us @RedPiggyPress.

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