About Red Piggy Press

Red Piggy Press is an interactive children’s book publisher. What’s that? Well, we make kids apps for iPad and iPhone that are also storybooks.

Why? Well, our mission is use art and technology to create interactive stories that encourage curiosity, exploration, and discovery. We love to focus on topics like Culture, Language, Arts, Science, and Social Issues — you know, the (CLASSy) stuff that helps with everyday problem-solving skills.

You look bored. OK, go read our story and Peacock’s response. You’ll understand how all this started. Then do meet our team. They’re fun. After that, if you’re still curious, it’s good to know what Red Piggy Press stands for … literally:

R Is for Respectful

Ladybugs illustration by Shelly BowenRespectful. Think positive, supportive, inclusive.

E Is for Eye-Opening

Eye-opening. Expand horizons and create aha moments.

D Is for Diverse

Diverse. Imagine universe-wide. Human-kind. All ages. These are children’s stories with adult layers.


P Is for Personalizable

Personalizable. You, our audience, becomes part of the story.

I Is for Interactive

Interactive. As part of the story, you become involved in the interaction, becoming the voice, choosing plot direction, and causing effects. We choose relevant interaction over automatic animation or distracting decoration whenever possible.

G Is for Game-Layered

Game-layered. What’s more fun than a game? But only when it contributes to the story and can be skipped.

G Is Also for Gift-Worthy

Gift-worthy. And possible to gift.

Y Is for Young at Heart

Young at heart. Of course, we are playful and whimsical and maybe a little bit mischievous.


P Is for Purposeful

Purposeful. This is a biggy. Every story has social, cultural, lingual, art, science, or math purpose. We tackle weighty issues and make it interesting and memorable.

R Is for Rich Content

Rich content. We are sophisticated, unexpected, clever, and creative.

E Is for Expanding Horizons

Expanding horizons. We expand beyond traditional book boundaries and discover new ways to tell a story.

S Is for Story

Story. An exceptional story is a MUST.

S Is Also for Something Free

Ladybug at Red Piggy Press contact pageSomething free. Giving is part of our nature. We give samples, limited time freebies, game components, lite versions, a premier series edition, and perhaps seasonal versions for free. You just need to be in the right place at the right time. (Hint: Facebook and Twitter.)

That’s what RED PIGGY PRESS is all about!

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